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"More than a brand. It's a way of life."

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"More than a brand, it's a way of life."

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Breaking down barriers: restoration of confidence & vision

The Life As Art Movement - THELAAM came about from a homeless college student chroniclng the experiences of a young man in a broken world.  Jhan Doe is the founding father and CEO of this company.  Life As Art is hip-hop redefined.  We move mountains to move you.  GET READY.


Let's cultivate and develop lifelong relationships.  Want to change your community?  Your school?  Your city?  DO IT NOW.  #WeOutChere #LoveLightLegacy #BounceWitUs


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Eliyahu Moeshe - partial Bio

started his own independent label as a teenager and released his first national record Blunt Force Trauma in 2010, following up with Dreams of Illumination. Traveling the world from six cities in Japan, Canada and at least 20 states in the U.S.,Eliyahu moved to Albuquerque in 2016 and has focused his energy on moving the people and meeting community needs.  The movement transcends rap.


Eli has had shows with Sevin of Hogmob/GOM, Pyrexx aka Kodak Wyte, Bizzle, This'l, Eshon Burgundy, Datin, Curtis BrownAktually, Nappy Roots, Hello Dollface, Rene Mars, Tweli, Ryan Stevenson and many others.  Now is the time for transformative change.


The content is the vehicle.  The movement is HERE.  For the FULL BIO, click HERE.

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My  Letter  to  Hip-Hop

Will you change, hip-hop?

"What does Jhan Doe stand for?  What does any artist stand for?  I can't speak for nobody else. Authentic, vintage hip-hop has always been the soundtrack to my life. Music has done that, regardless of genre.  Sound --transcends the boundaries of all language, like the smell of Grandma's apple cobbler.  That smell lets you know what time it is, to know when change is in order.  Jhan Doe heads up the Life As Art Movement.  He brings the solution to your community where hope is hanging on by a thread.  


My next album...'"Spaceships and Cadillacs" (TBA) represents the way I am culture and grew up in it, breathed it and as I grew it grew with me. Every one of my albums is a life cycle, like my current record Dreams of Illumination. You can live to this music. Authenticity and relatability moves us when we hear that one favorite song that touched us just right.  That moment is all I'm capturing, giving you a glimpse into something deeper.  I represent a budding platform--culture transcended.'  Bring The Movement to schools or any platform in need of more than inspiration.  Hungry?  We bring food?  Ashamed of not having clothes or food?  We got that too.


'Without the entrapments of labels and using Common Sense, it becomes easier to deliver simple wisdom. Sometimes we desire spoonfeed cookie cutter answers out of our laziness or unwillingness to search for the solution ourselves.  Selfishness keeps our own children ignorant to generations of lessons learned; families and communities divided. Humility draws us together and compassion and love keeps our eyes open to the needs of others and our character tempered by reality.'


'Music is a gateway to transforming power. Hip-hop can be an expression of LIFE, our thought our strength and weaknesses, our ability to overcome, leaving a sound of love and light screaming raw through beats and lyricism. Let's turn up one more level by expressing that rawness in action, empowering self and community. We are hip-hop." FIND OUT MORE.


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