"More than a brand, it's a way of life."

Breaking down barriers: create confidence & vision

The Movement as Created


CEO Eliyahu Moeshe

The goal of our program is to offer students a safe place to dream, inspiration to create, and thoughtful reflection to promote positive changes in the school environment and beyond.  We transcend music,  pairing a symphony of genius, amazing composition, lyrics and powerful experiences with legacy, personal growth and community activism. The Movement, the brand and artists move you to overcome any life obstacles on the daily.


How?  We provide food, clothing, counseling and help foster relationships between students, children and school faculty.  We remove life obstacles in order to better serve our community.  Get ready New Mexico!  Check out our partners.  We need YOU!  Come join us.


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Overcomer. Teacher. Visionary. Musician.

CEO/Music Artist "Eliyahu Moeshe"

The LifeAsArt brand and #LoveLightLegacy movement depends on a network of musicians, and community-driven partners  to fill in the gaps the underprivileged currently face.  Want to contribute?  CLICK HERE to contact Jhan Doe. 


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